Thursday, January 19, 2006

EL Dhahabi

Argan trees Essaouira Morocco
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él Dhahabi
Essaouira - Tidzi - Diabat
on the road in hot & dusty Morocco!
The great laid back (arty) influence of Essaouira makes it a good place for mooching about. Its picture perfect madina, everyday moroccan new town & Atlantic beach have made the place a centre for art - music - films & fashions, You could get run over by a Hollywood film crew - immobile on KIF listening to the trance like rhythems of Sub-Saharan 'GNAWA' music all in a day. For a almost better day out we have been to the countryside and the hills surrounding this South West area of Morocco, Which are the home of the Argan tree (see above photo), This slow growing thorn produces the magic Argan oil , high in vit é and used by the great and good as an anti wrinkle cream. The oil comè's from the nut & it takes 30KG of nuts to produce one litre of the oil. The extraction is very interesting as the nuts are fed to goats who dissolve the tough coating in their digestive system, They are then hand picked from the goat shit and split pulped and pressed. The local Berber tribes have used the oil for centuries and it is now a must have in the west.


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