Sunday, January 15, 2006

AL-'Arsa' - Majorelle ' A Moroccan oasis'

le jardin majorelle
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Majorelle - a moroccan oasis.

After taking on the daunting task of arriving in Marrakesh one week before Aid-el-Fitr (a bit like a moroccan going to Tesco's on Christmas eve°)the temptation to visit the Majorelle gardens succumbed swiftly, On busy evenings in the main Djemaa El Fna it's hard to imagine such a calm that you can here the buzzing of an insect. This truly striking multicoloured artist's garden effortlessly takes you from the MELLAH to tranquillity, With it's bamboo groves, pinks,greens,lemons & blues it's another example of great craft in Morocco. Jacques Majorelle the French painter created it from the 1920's & it's new caretaker is Yves Saint Laurent, With five or six hours here you can make that definition to see it as it was ment, A poetic expression of an artist....

Anybody interested in Moroccan artesanie should take a look at my friends website , she is running small group tours around the ART,s & Crafts in Morocco plus you get to stay at her beautiful Riad..

é 2006 àndrew stenning photo copyright froupster..


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