Monday, November 28, 2005

PUffBALL'S in wiNtEr

PUffBALL'S in wiNtEr, originally uploaded by andrewstenning.

PuFFBALL's IN wiNter.

NoiSy mansion in barren splendour feebly waitS thR fall,
In Layers of Beauty thr country BLOOMS a garden & GRAVE it's autograph in stone.
IN midnight reign ........... thr gibbet, the torches glare, Blazing in those matted vitriolic woods where drowsy clusters of bat's cling - (like pilgrims or prisoners in cavernous slots)
Equinoctial fervours glow - searching thr BRACE of trees.
The POLAR wind wraps in winter snow, In florid beauty 'little' London field's appear open and unbound, And yet the growth dwindles like the TATTERED raven cowering on a nest of copper lace - A penitence for a grasping fate.
Liberty is bartered as natures ties decay, A sort of subtler giant 'PUFFBaLL' in Suger docks & poison GAS - sweet & bitter gut's of a libERtine in FIRE. Dulci Somno Sopitus , Vita potiorem - Allevari.
thr end.

A.stenning 2005


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