Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wild-LifE. the ditchMONKEY..

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God begot living things from water,
Some of them creep, others crawl,
and there are some who crouch in a ditch. QURAN, SURA XX1V, verse 45.

Englands biodiversity is not easily compared to that of other nation's - and the country side is in no way a shade of Earl Gray - and the original ditchmonkey is stepping in to preserve & point out stuff!! - Under a gore tex sheet and some branches deep in the woods the (ODM) is not only going along with the current trend in housing experiment's but also doing a great job in raising money for the woodland trust ( a uk woodland conservation charity). PLEASE click on DITCHmOnkey (on this site) to read his daily blog and donate to his great effort - i would like to recommend a book to Hugh (ODM) - a definitive work on an environmentally sound approach to a lost art! 'How to Shit in the Woods' by Kathleen Mayer - available from CAT also a click away on this site . Good luck my friend -


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