Tuesday, August 23, 2005


frog 1
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frog photo new - also please click on biomimicry (design futures) on thr riGHt hand side of this page. - andrew

THr Weaver'....

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the weaver

Birds the pioneer's of modern craft weave in the eclipse of the industrial revolution - these living SoULs have an intuitive appreciation of pre - industrial society and are thinking this. - 'The ancient waxen organic loam shiver'ED - Delicate pottery china & ceramics elevate from the SuBlime voice. A chaotic blizzard preordained systematic and displaced turn into our little drowsy operandi, ENtwined and multilayered the impulses bring about a random flux of order & chAos - tight as a drum. Vegetable dyes , nut's and worms make our miniature rustic yarns - we are futurists and have contact with nirvana'.

Astenning 2005

Saturday, August 20, 2005

oracle & angel

oracle & angel
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orAcle aND ANGEL.

Liberty aND enTrapment in the Skiving SUN' the darkness cast whispered aWaY - a fitting eNding. riding freely through thE gRasslands wilfully obscure , LES 'Tombes' -b footprints and fingerprints of complexity.. & yateeTh bared in rivalry - user from the oracle his adage nervousness ,So we blaze the laMPP - and a shadow 's transience hatch the susseX wiLd 'FLoWer'and artillery is summarized by the kernel a sweet smell an etching of hereafter.i found your travel card You found modern medicine and so thr story goes - SuSSEx wiLd fLower........thr rain starts and you dressed like you had no pieces of eight so the VUltures could not comprehend and we just pretend. Angels fill a space in our pockets and now we have it AlL. (cont below)


Friday, August 19, 2005

..SuSSEx wild FloWer'.

aerial flower bud
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Oenanthe - crocata in a SAvage patch - DEtached from the DRIZZLE - an idle medley like a neurotic pilgrimage , DiSpicable and consumed in spiteful shacKles & LITTL'ans.

Sussex Wild Flower sparadic Hemlock 'ClOak - 'n' - DAgger' indrawn steaming a curiosity.

GraVity wasted like a poisoning of beauty - a draught of beatnik sanctity, PurE & SAtanic wild flower.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005


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DaNcing - R ABBit . org 99%

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

don't mEss-with TeXas..

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pookie tree - yellow cake - kerosene - icon - doppelganger - nazareth - gorillAS - chainsaw - clint eastWOOD - the tree of knowledge - WAYS OF SEEING - appearances - cubists - picasso - ......"Ideas come from everywhere"
Alfred Hitchcock.


Banksy = brilliant
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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Albert Einstein

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Albert EinsteiN..

"There are only two wAys to live your life. ONE is as though nothing is A MiRacle. ThE other is AS though everything ISA MIRACLE - and THE revolution will nOt be terrorised, Scope DOPPELGANGER's aNd IMagination are more important than Knowledge - A bird's nest is no trifle it's perfection"

Einstein/RBanks.outdoorproductionsLTD2005. photo Astenning.

Friday, August 05, 2005

bubble - chAmbers.....

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Bubble - CHAMBeRs.......


4.11 pm 6Th Aug 1986 A waRm brEEze gently massages the leaves of a London BIRCh tree - 9.00 AM 31st JAN 1606 Guy Fawkes is EXecuted - 3.30 pm 2 April 1982 A BlacKbird pulls a twig over an urban GaRDeN - 6.15pm 6th April 1868 KU Klux KLAN is founded - 1.00 AM SEPT 12th 1987 NATIONAL CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE DAY - 5.15 PM April 21st 753 BC Orphaned TWINS are suckled by a she WOlf on a cloudless afternoon - 01.45 GMT 26th Feb 2001 US researchers produce laboratory mice with human BRAin cells - 04.12 GMT 8th MAY 1960 SWALLOWS aRRive back to southern EnGland - 09.00 GMT 1945 George Orwells Animal FaRm fIRsT published - 12.20 6th aug 1945 THe reflection of the AtoM bomb devastating Hiroshima fills the surface of a mans glasses - 04.46:46 GMT Sept 11th 2001 A sweetchestnut leaf glides to WET ground in Balcombe wEst SUSSEX - 04:09:56 PM 28th NOV 2005 A frog Spawns in the pond of ten downing street LONDON - 12:15.11 PM 2nd May 1975 David Robert Joseph Beckham is born in Leytonstone EnGLAND - 10:50 am OCT 1920 Virginia Woolf starts to write 'Jacobs Room'in her sussex house - 3:23 pm 18th FEB 1925 A robin feeds on a nut in the frost - 21:00 GMT 13th feB 2003 Bin Laden makes a statement - 08.30 am 1st JUNE 1938 First appearance of superman in an americaN cOMIC - 09:00 am 1967 Capitol records releases 'A Day IN tHe life' by the bEATles - 9.00 am AUG 1st 2005 A sTRong bREEze knocks over a yellow sunflower in Plymouth Exeter - 10:21:45 gmt 6th NOVEMBER 2005 a butterfly FlapS it's wing's.

photo&textBYastenning - NY bone factory publications 2005.