Saturday, July 09, 2005

darkPOP tOyS'natURe'

ill-angel 1
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Epoch treason ,, blackguard veRtigo - UnVEIL's 'Arbeit Macht Frei '' .

Joie de vivre dragOOn in a Winnebago - The dissertation sarcastic. His DAINTY guardian '''SCARED....WoBBly by the Welcome shackled knave all dreamy tired &Dirt'ie'

Metier petit - bourgeois milk and water -..SqUeakY- clean and thick as thieves and don't likr black's or queer'S - safety PIN's strewn across the land's - blood run's thickr.

What became of forever , MAN research et cetera and a remix with gravity. the ill angel'srockTHEhouse''''..oh dear.

astenning 2005


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