Saturday, June 11, 2005


Originally uploaded by andrewstenning.

'Pseudologica fantastica'
From the darkest star's fragile echo's of a looming Harvest Hymn - and Honey jam.

The proliferation (protected) - rich gold and amber, Strange new's from homunculer primate container's

The golden apple and wooden horse.
Control FREAK'S in Merc's and cloud's of dust - deed , de factO , defect.

Hoax and voodoo - the moribund man with a cane and his terminable smoke cave lodge - dissolve into the sea, An Island saccharine deserted.

Thorn & Iris of Troy feeding GRUB STREET. Lion chase zebra and gold seeker's drawing on banana's. Food outlet's , Gas station glamour grunge and Kerouac karaoke transportation, Bee's and fly drink Pepsi.

Day's like these, The whisper heard like oxidation and sawage lust - GRUB STREET ,Ziggy Stardust.

The 'box of snake's' on grub street - BE perParEd + stay IN-FORMed, The golden apple dissolves in the rich odour of bacteria.

Hoax & voodoo - wooden horse, moral say's the feudal lord's, Honey jam & tempest, Herald grub street. SUV amber wax cube's - puke and piss atom's split, Feed grub street with the golden apple history misread.

A.Stenning 2005.


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