Friday, June 17, 2005

'Enlivened geometry'....

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Enlivened geometry,

(Biodynamic's) - The real in the spiritual world....
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Infinite sparkling , frothy , curly air ball's connect +, The unity unleash a phenomenal dusky scent. They scatter with fierceness and harmonize to become physical. A psychadelic rainbow turns blue and vague.
Solid and intangible - sorrow & truth.
The constellation umbrella squeeze's into a cosmic whirlpool, Some air ball's are agitated by the new imperial order and fracture - They glide into existence to the tune of violent wind claps.
Clean brittle organic silhouette's primed with slug's hum and whisper to the flute - that play's for time. The abstract tune shatter's the phenomenal mineral's like an exploded 'garden shed' - they diffuse and frolic along to the master plan and the melody of Marsyas for one thousand year's swallowed into the siren's song (like a sort of consomme soup) - In time a breathtaking vortex breed's, (serene at first) accelerating into cavernous dark matter like a cyclone, The brittle organic silhouette's crack open,................ at the speed of light.

Presence & absence

The light of Apollo Apotropaeus (the colossus Helios) like a runway FLICKR, and the polaris bleed's into thousand's of colour's - the white light blow's mind's and flay's Marsyas.

Apollo now play's the siren's song - in twelve dimension's, a cicatrix like a prism form's and brittle organic silhouette's become hungry and thirsty.
Sorrow & truth

New bacteria stew's and Apollo play's on with merriment. The biologist weep's at the prickly new development.

Story and photo by A stenning drifting into space. Basis: An instillation by Anish Kapoor. 2005.


Blogger Mia, the Nature Nut said...

Beautiful ...

June 18, 2005 at 4:35 AM  
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