Wednesday, June 29, 2005


sleep time
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Saturday, June 25, 2005


pink balloon
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Aerial - FLoWer's.....
Ambulance PART (2)'..
..A quick analysis of global kitsch plus + :Angel's of the universe and the walrus.

The ill-angel's claw - out frankincense, (honeyed stink to high heaven) The vital fluid of the lawn ormaments put the screws on with pornographic flashy jam. It was a vitriolic evangelical bete noir. The inventor's conception was a heartbreaking delirium, - infected with dodgy kitsch - (toffee - nosed - reform), it snowballed and the passive population - misguided as to it's own desires got fantastic terrors never felt before.
(The remain's became undone at the ridge)

The ill - angel's looked on puzzled, as the walrus started kicking down Edger Allan Poe (The world famous racoon) and Sitting Bull (The world famous scholary broncobuster) . THEN toll - free butterflies flickered from a bloated dead dog's eye, and the oyster's drifted to shallow sweeping's.

The 'CRYPT' which constrained an Oracle started to groan - it was at this time that the ill-angels decorum became volatile, and in a colloquial cherubic fog they descended into 'Dreamland' - The clown town FIESTA was ON!!.

At the outset they had negotiation's with a man in a TEE-PEE in California (a merchant in holy feeling's - mail order). They could now Ape cultural habit's and played in the field's with Korn & Pumpkin's (This was November) - singing 'GOO goo G' joob in perfect harmony. Then they broke the surface of the social fabric with shady dealing's 5 x 8. The ill - angel's turned comet,s into jet's and smartened up river's & shellfish with desert strainer's , Dextrin and licorice concentrate, They had no sentiment and made more gain scraping up mud from the street ! , The cherub's management fabricated lavishness in 'Dreamland' - A GLOBAL 'FunKY VEgas in the cosmos - with plastic tree's sending signal's to the queen - a pink balloon with a crazy beat, a hedonist idol.

O ' man look at them cave men go - see how they run , see how they try - see how they cry..........

Story and photo's by A.stenning 2005

ill-angel's hatch

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'goo goo g'joob'

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


ladybird 1
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Ambulance PART(2)''......
.A quick analysis of global kitsch - Plus ; Angel's of the Universe.
Opening time : 26th June 2005.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

LIVE moonCam'

Starless, starless night.
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A Starless night Kansas city USA...
special thanks to photographer Jenn at Responsible - a Jam maker and a thorn in Wal-Mart's checkout...

Friday, June 17, 2005

'Enlivened geometry'....

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Enlivened geometry,

(Biodynamic's) - The real in the spiritual world....
page 1

Infinite sparkling , frothy , curly air ball's connect +, The unity unleash a phenomenal dusky scent. They scatter with fierceness and harmonize to become physical. A psychadelic rainbow turns blue and vague.
Solid and intangible - sorrow & truth.
The constellation umbrella squeeze's into a cosmic whirlpool, Some air ball's are agitated by the new imperial order and fracture - They glide into existence to the tune of violent wind claps.
Clean brittle organic silhouette's primed with slug's hum and whisper to the flute - that play's for time. The abstract tune shatter's the phenomenal mineral's like an exploded 'garden shed' - they diffuse and frolic along to the master plan and the melody of Marsyas for one thousand year's swallowed into the siren's song (like a sort of consomme soup) - In time a breathtaking vortex breed's, (serene at first) accelerating into cavernous dark matter like a cyclone, The brittle organic silhouette's crack open,................ at the speed of light.

Presence & absence

The light of Apollo Apotropaeus (the colossus Helios) like a runway FLICKR, and the polaris bleed's into thousand's of colour's - the white light blow's mind's and flay's Marsyas.

Apollo now play's the siren's song - in twelve dimension's, a cicatrix like a prism form's and brittle organic silhouette's become hungry and thirsty.
Sorrow & truth

New bacteria stew's and Apollo play's on with merriment. The biologist weep's at the prickly new development.

Story and photo by A stenning drifting into space. Basis: An instillation by Anish Kapoor. 2005.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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The time has come , - the walrus said , - to talk of many thing's.

note: compact verdict in four day's.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


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'Pseudologica fantastica'
From the darkest star's fragile echo's of a looming Harvest Hymn - and Honey jam.

The proliferation (protected) - rich gold and amber, Strange new's from homunculer primate container's

The golden apple and wooden horse.
Control FREAK'S in Merc's and cloud's of dust - deed , de factO , defect.

Hoax and voodoo - the moribund man with a cane and his terminable smoke cave lodge - dissolve into the sea, An Island saccharine deserted.

Thorn & Iris of Troy feeding GRUB STREET. Lion chase zebra and gold seeker's drawing on banana's. Food outlet's , Gas station glamour grunge and Kerouac karaoke transportation, Bee's and fly drink Pepsi.

Day's like these, The whisper heard like oxidation and sawage lust - GRUB STREET ,Ziggy Stardust.

The 'box of snake's' on grub street - BE perParEd + stay IN-FORMed, The golden apple dissolves in the rich odour of bacteria.

Hoax & voodoo - wooden horse, moral say's the feudal lord's, Honey jam & tempest, Herald grub street. SUV amber wax cube's - puke and piss atom's split, Feed grub street with the golden apple history misread.

A.Stenning 2005.


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'AmBerJamBa' Garden..

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Leighton Buzzard England
'Pseudologica fantastica'
2005 C - type print.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Virgil V projekt

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' one thousand years '

Friday, June 03, 2005

'One Thousand Year's'

fly jpg
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'page one'

Sirenum scopuli.

Virgil V, 846; OVIDXIV, 88.


Spellbound by the beautiful sound,
Minor Three ( DU'ality ),
The bawl of escape, an echo of subsistence an entropic certainty.

What will the tree ring's say ?, The amber resin decompostion,
Solar wind and heat blast - neighbours of the 'Balance of time'.
Three 'STOOGES' singing - Four teen nuclear City's spinning - The Flywheel.........................

Grinding it's teeth in glass an OUT - BREAK exhumed in Summer, Sticking chrysalis stage, Fluid Winter, Nucleic acid incarcerate.

The 'Insect - O - cutor' PROJEKT.
A spell of a song, Virgil V, 846; OVIDXIV,88 - page one.

Transuranium symbol's - Cast iron square's, Herculean circle's and flexible burnt out triangles a Platonist abacus. What ? 'Y' Aardvark the siren's sing that sweet song.

One Thousand Years - the science of properties etched in tree ring's - Cast in amber.

A Stenning 2005.