Sunday, May 08, 2005

Plasticine 'strawberries'

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Plasticine 'strawberries'

Babylonia bloody red.
Thick & sour 'little hell fruit', - green rush with crystalline.

Eat with bloodied mouth. ricocheting nine times,

Dragging through veins into a womb - 'little hell fruit' a metempsychosis.

Saphrophytes alive from 'roundy' white face of fish, blood and bone, a marooned embryo - wax with moon and relic.

Little wild fruit, plasticine strawberries, (the coral disintegrates)- a colour like verdigris, Miss Willmotts ghost.

AD- infinitum

Just deoxyribonucleic acid - swinging on gate's, crystalline and carbon, sweet and bloodied, -

plasticine 'strawberries'- little hell fruit.

A. Stenning May/2005.


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