Tuesday, May 24, 2005

'Beverly Hills' - Farmers market

Originally uploaded by andrewstenning.


Laural Canyon - FREE smiley folk.
Viscous rubble in Blue Jay Way, 8852 Sunset Boulevard - the insurgent eagle roost's with CROW.

Beverly Hill's Horticultural Society the 'stingy' pinnacle of Black mountain, Toy gun's and firewater 'Ava Gardner' - 'DENNIS HOPPER''.

BUY Schwab's a 'Big Yellow Taxi' - Powder river and 'Bela Lugosi'.

The incantation of little wolf - Comanche and Lakota chief, (ROCKY & BULLWINKLE) another theif.

Thunder mountain - a ghost dance.
The raid of the CROW.
Crazy horse insurgent plus drenched martial smiley folk.

Thriftless murmer's and TATANKA confiscation and Eagle is CROW.

A , Stenning 2005


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