Sunday, May 29, 2005

'Oberon & Titania' act 111

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'Oberon & Titania'
Act 3

1. East Bergholt Suffolk.

An invisible tangled draught,
sweet-meats and camel light's
A midsummer's night daydream - parasitic bumble bee's a polyphonic stratofortress.

The indigenous baroque curve,-3,5,8,13,21.
The platonic valley tilting - turning into dirty little monsters eating sun&dust.
appointed hour - thirsty wither.


Reach out touch faith - personal Jesus'+ helmet & sundust shades (madmax)
SuperPLUS fear nectar -- GOLD fluorescent a requiem in mirth in green world.
Parathion demon lubricate the Yeoman, and irrigate the slogan.

SKUNK farm's El Balini KIF
Fragments enjoy the silence - development (term's apply).

instability , Kamikaze , anxiety

THE ARK - COW - 226 KB.
TREE JPG - 12 Monkey's, Swimming dragon's.
GPS... Mezroca / YA..(rassol) Allah - 2500x2500.
Lockhead shadow - 'vicking ship'.

Undomesticated bumble bee's hiding out in hole's - cloud cover on heliostat, Predestined satellite's turning old.

Have 'a cup of tea'
nectar for the God's
Shaman loaves, fear & warm jet's -
music of the sphere's
enjoy the silence.

continual update's.

A.stenning 2005.

East Bergholt Suffolk England

Originally uploaded by andrewstenning.

East Bergholt Suffolk England

A.stenning 2005

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

'Beverly Hills' - Farmers market

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Laural Canyon - FREE smiley folk.
Viscous rubble in Blue Jay Way, 8852 Sunset Boulevard - the insurgent eagle roost's with CROW.

Beverly Hill's Horticultural Society the 'stingy' pinnacle of Black mountain, Toy gun's and firewater 'Ava Gardner' - 'DENNIS HOPPER''.

BUY Schwab's a 'Big Yellow Taxi' - Powder river and 'Bela Lugosi'.

The incantation of little wolf - Comanche and Lakota chief, (ROCKY & BULLWINKLE) another theif.

Thunder mountain - a ghost dance.
The raid of the CROW.
Crazy horse insurgent plus drenched martial smiley folk.

Thriftless murmer's and TATANKA confiscation and Eagle is CROW.

A , Stenning 2005

Saturday, May 21, 2005

'F1'-Hybrid banana

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'F1'-Hybrid banana.

Inhabited composting star,
Gemstone banana.

Hybrid banana republic
Pointillism on it's skin a design - mummify in the Sahara, Like a tyrants panoramic 'Y'-front - arriere - pensee.

Hybrid banana republic ... -'..
Hives & Swarms .;'...'''IN sketchy suburbia.'.'.'.'..',.barbiturate or (gun).
Countryside and SUNshine in a poison bag.

Myxomatosis pandemic -
hybrid banana burning in the SUN - getting blacker, external enigma - Fire and nothing.

Gemstone sanctum composting,
Star plagiarized with telephone 'CROW' and Taliban trinkets and plastic bags & plastic police - party pooper.

Infuriated 'waspish' hybrid banana - STINGING GOLD mountains, gemstone native CRUSH - and hybrid banana 'shakes'!, Scoundrel 'chilled' out in the Sahara.

bug - zapper, monkeys eating you.

A Stenning 2005.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


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Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow', Bucolic accessories, portraits, Picasso's - Libertines.

Bleeding heart, Black snake root - your vertigo slipping in the rain, 'Sommiferum' shattered lamp, Yo YO plagued and cut.

Narcissist slowly sharply, your 'Ouse is my Yew'

Digitalis digs deep - under the bare - roots with branches struck with red poison fruit.

A kaleidoscopic dye - with Faust's soul, can't heal, think or touch, Spinning wheel's and Octavia Wilberforce are ending now. Pruning hedgerows, rank nettles that cast dark shadows.
and sorry to Leonard and the Sussex flower farm - In 'switchblade''BOOGALOO'.

A. Stenning 2005.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sugar Spheres'

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Sugar Spheres.


A mute Green,
Vulnerable on medical earth - blasted to nothing in nuclear liquorice soil.

Pest's & disease nemesis,
Thistle, bramble & dock,
The grimace of cow shit - Blood, Fish & Bone.

Delicate Opium poppies,
Modernistic neurotic wild flower's
Lethargic benediction in drowsiness phantom.

Visious sinister flower.

Planting & Propagation -
(possible side effects) from 'Hackneyed'- mute green.

Parched medical earth,
Nuclear medical soil,
Delicate sturdy weed - white blood (SUGAR SPHERES).
Tainted sacrosant glorification - Opium poppies.

A Stenning 2005.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Canterbury bell Nov
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Miss Willmott nineteen thirty.
Dreaming bones -pass through,
An impromtu spiel of variegated wind & conflagration,

A dark cupboard, the laceration in 'forget-me-not's' - peripheral dreaming skull of the NEW 'moon's' curve.

Eerie FLUSH swelling and fever,
A bruised apple roll's to a dead end.
(LIGHTS BLOW) - big bang, "She's broke another mirror"!!!!.

The unbelievable HISS,
a magpies deranging cry,
the lost micro 'otherworld' full of lunar conundrums.
Ammonia bouquet - is winter pollen,

Venomous 'CHILL' - she moves into her liquid - an electrical dropsy stain - of the year's Nineteen Thirty. Matutinal Miss Willmott.

A. Stenning 2005.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Plasticine 'strawberries'

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Plasticine 'strawberries'

Babylonia bloody red.
Thick & sour 'little hell fruit', - green rush with crystalline.

Eat with bloodied mouth. ricocheting nine times,

Dragging through veins into a womb - 'little hell fruit' a metempsychosis.

Saphrophytes alive from 'roundy' white face of fish, blood and bone, a marooned embryo - wax with moon and relic.

Little wild fruit, plasticine strawberries, (the coral disintegrates)- a colour like verdigris, Miss Willmotts ghost.

AD- infinitum

Just deoxyribonucleic acid - swinging on gate's, crystalline and carbon, sweet and bloodied, -

plasticine 'strawberries'- little hell fruit.

A. Stenning May/2005.

Friday, May 06, 2005


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A living loveing -memorabilia - with baby frogs. +,

White windmills and sausage dogs.

- Nasty blisters hiding from the sun.
A prototype - acclimatize to evolution.

White windmills work in a hydrosphere, pumping vital fluid.

An inexact spider's web, The hybrids unfolding.

Weird engines manoeuvre tranquillity, BLoOdshoT mould solidifys in technological tinsel.

A living memorabilia hops on to heal - past white windmills and sausage dogs on wheels to running streams and fountains of paradise. living life and time - inexact amphibian and all your memorabilia hop on.

A.stenning 6thMay2005

Sunday, May 01, 2005


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Paradise in May'-

Carbonated dust tracks, Yellow polished illuminations.
A grungy deathless little frog - (holy man) bounce across Olympus, Watered by running streams.

Pomegranates, figs and olives.
Migration shadow-play - missiles on abattoir walls. Cabined, cribbed and confined, clear the clouds or stop dreaming.

Row's of thought hypnotize sold souls,
Unearthly unity dusky Utopia- in carrot seed's and anthropos.


Chemical, sun, moon, mineral in London Field's' 'out of time'
No-Mad love song, Day-Glo cowboy squatter, Overgrown in ink gloss panorama.nomad.

A mirage in searing heat and blistering sun, Kamikaze cheif - 'bolt from the blue'

A grungy deathless little frog - (holy man) bounce across Olympus, Watered by running streams.

Little frog, Dismaying 'Zerissenheit' in cascading fountains and cooling pool's of PARADISE - running out of time.

A . Stenning 2005.