Thursday, April 07, 2005


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A tribute to Lord Broer's

Hirst butterflies'
Bud green spring a birds-eye view, in cold sweat.
Protection grows 'one day when all the wood's were bare'
A palsy in Hirst's butterflies a polymorphus improvised.
'PLASTIC TREES, PINK RABBIT's,paranoic denial of disorder- nature and lauguage in Barthes way-a computer murmur the order.
A heart chocked up - a catty disease-'high tec ho hum'-,larceny from 'Hirst's butterflies the terminus to come.
Lord Broer's pulsing and convulsing (microstructures & nano's)-Photosynthesis volume 2050, a present calling.

'Plastic trees a frozen flower, pink rabbits, tulips pumping blood-enriching bud green spring a little SPARTA-'Hirst's butterflies finding themselves alive.

photographs and text by A Stenning 2005'

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