Sunday, April 24, 2005


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Creatio Continua -
dust and blood, teeth and smashed human bones.
The HALO in caustic sod,
A fleshless chill exhumed.

Birth , growth , decay , death and rebirth - hand 'me' downs.
Sanctuarys of iron Spitfires - stinging nettles and dirty little monsters.

Ici , tous les gens sont proprietaires,
EU TOPOS - lost in the sun and the dust of heat haze in playful country lanes - a prehistoric seizure in dizzy flames.

The primeval connection - hands from hand me downs - the Halo in caustic sod.
Magnetic fields buried feet, the undivied wholeness of enduring cosmic whole

Creatio continua - dust and blood.

Woodash smelting , life support - the gravelly clatter of a crow,
In twilight a retrospect of the last to hit the sod. - meek stars reflecting 'hand me downs' a halo of dust and blood. My own ground.

Birth , growth , decay , death and rebirth - flesh and Hand Me Downs from caustic sod.

a. stenning 2005

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Garden Open Days

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Monday 2nd of May Sarah Raven opens the cutting garden for the public.
Admission £4.00 - children free.
The garden is also open in June, August and September. opening times 10am-5pm
Perch Hill Farm
Willingford Lane,
nr Brightling

Also check out the famous 'YELLOW BOOK' for open gardens in the UK.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

MINDOUT' 18th-24th April

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National Depression week.
18th-24th April 2005

A mysterious – painful and tormenting illness, DEPRESSION!

Just after the seasonal-UN affective Ness of December, January and Feb it got into me. I know when I’m about to get ‘clotted’ when I forget my pin number of my credit card completely, and everything becomes DEAD!. A white infinity of gloom – lack-lust and sluggish, (A melancholic senselessness). It’s something you can’t understand unless you have been through it, and it’s such a twisted emotional language a sort of abstract- that will not get you to ‘Pull your socks up’ it takes time ,hard-work and understanding from people around you.
-WOE is me! When depression works it’s way into my interconnections I feel better off dead! But after a visit to the nut house-(hospital) and a packet of Tricyclics along with a packet of seeds, some TLC and a redirecting of my negative thoughts + gardening i can slowly walk into the Spring sunshine again, and the storm thank GOD is abating. The time in hospital was not great as you can imagine (in one big inhuman moment I ‘past out’ with catharsis. But it wasn’t ‘One flew over the cockoo’s nest BAD, not at all. The NHS realy is very good and understands this as a serious illness. It also gave me a focus to get out and be back in gardens- so I battled and bluffed and did just that. Strange though that my trek across the Sahara with it’s two nasty bites got me more idle attention then this Molotov cocktail going off in my mind. People still don’t understand!!!.

The good news.
I strongly believe that gardens and gardening are a great tool in the line of defence of the 'BIG D' (they are creative –physical and outside) Which is one of the reasons I’m working towards getting a community garden/environmental centre in my own town, and from now on going to push with help, to get gardens on the battleground of mental health. The time of NDW could not be better as I have found out that spring is one of the worst times for mental health, I sort of die back with the garden in Autumn just like everyone and winter is a hike up the mountain , but it’s just being down, Not the abstract surreal mind set. The word depression is banded around so much that the spinning in either with physical and mental torment doesn’t fit it at all.
I used to get pissed but this makes things worse ( waking up at three am in the middle of London doesn’t do much for the EGO. So not drinking is a rule never to be broken by me)also to make me feel not so loony tune I always read the poems of the legendary ‘goon’ and British comic genius Spike Milligan, He had the illness in it’s most powerful form (although any , weather- clinical, bipolar,reactive,endogenous or post-natal are all overwhelming in impact, and highly distressing!) ‘Anyone who can call the future King “A grovelling bastard” , is all right in my book.and his book ‘depression and how to survive it’- written with his psychologist is spot on. Stop the ignorance & stigma of mental health , it’s not just the Woolf’s Tchaikovskys and the Cobain’s it’s the postman, nurse, gardener ect ect and I wouldn’t wish it on G Dubya!.

depression week is an appeal to raise awareness and fight the stigma!

photograph and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.

Monday, April 11, 2005

ladybird 1.@2005

ladybird 1
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A concealed trudge for the ladybird.
one giant leap for mankind,

Sunday, April 10, 2005

'bone moon'

winter dandy
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breakable moon,
origin and compass, believe in bright light, necessary.bout and wax your philanthropy-the sky is inexhaustible -bone moon

contagious moon, a face eternity- groan on out in black - cradlesong satellite 'sing'

mute white bone -safekeeping melting and ecumenical, not! 'blue' white as bone.
mysterious taboo, blue - blooded bluemoon-sing a cradlesong sing.everythings out in your sea's bone moon- that's the way it should be.

that's the way it will be,

bone moon, that's the way it will be.that's the way it should be,

a stenning 2005.....april

Saturday, April 09, 2005


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Thursday, April 07, 2005


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A tribute to Lord Broer's

Hirst butterflies'
Bud green spring a birds-eye view, in cold sweat.
Protection grows 'one day when all the wood's were bare'
A palsy in Hirst's butterflies a polymorphus improvised.
'PLASTIC TREES, PINK RABBIT's,paranoic denial of disorder- nature and lauguage in Barthes way-a computer murmur the order.
A heart chocked up - a catty disease-'high tec ho hum'-,larceny from 'Hirst's butterflies the terminus to come.
Lord Broer's pulsing and convulsing (microstructures & nano's)-Photosynthesis volume 2050, a present calling.

'Plastic trees a frozen flower, pink rabbits, tulips pumping blood-enriching bud green spring a little SPARTA-'Hirst's butterflies finding themselves alive.

photographs and text by A Stenning 2005'

(also click on the link biomimicry-DESIGN FUTURES on the right).

Sunday, April 03, 2005


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A wide-awake weed, not so dead, hard working and profoundly made.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


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note; Photograph above: Muscari Armeniacum + Dead-nettle.

A poem for the BLACKBIRD outside .


'fluffs out the rain'

Einstein's brain that never get's scratched, Beethoven's ninth 6 PM-night and morning!

Mellow throat, R2D2, downslured notes.

glissando, crescendo again and again....Disyllabic! a ballad for the good .(set repertoire under carbon hood)

A blast of homogeneous decibel's and furore, 5000hz - orange beak stretch till it hurts.'fluffs out the rain'
Anthropogenic he protests- 'twitter trill' to make a nest ,for him no rest.
again he calls out 'The sphere it's splinting'!! 'fluffs out the rain' -A Stab a worm a hop a shake of his head, ferocious pecking!Jump & STAB orange peel and worm.....-

'fluffs out the rain'

photographs and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.