Wednesday, March 09, 2005


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The swagger of Spring has started, and the avalanche of pick 'n' mix is a supernatural lift. A carcass becomes something spiritual, and the sorcery and mania of nature is a thing to venerate in March.
You can get Brahms and Liszt just thinking about the plants, birds, sounds, colors, smells and textures at this time, and an appointment with the feral wilderness is like being an astronaut seeing the world from space. As a child i had an adversion to science fiction and my hypothesis grew from seeing Toads, Slugs, Frogspawn, the Devils coach horse and birds, the complex structures and their instincts are so weird, now i feel that the adrenalin culture and the impossibility's of life are paralysed by natures fitting's. Last week Spring started in my part of the World on a POLAR note !(March is alway's bipolar) But this got me a temporary neurotic encounter with a Nuthatch, THE STEALTH BOMBER of the natural world, for a split second we were homogeneous and i was looking into the deep voice of nature, this is my adrenalin culture!. Thinking about nest building and territorial adventure and a recognition that the natural world can OUT-STRIP Nasa , Microsoft or the Royal College of Art. We are, i think ?in danger of looking at it all through a bad pair of eyes and actually miss the point of the true wonderment and the sublime superiors that are all players in the burgeoning Spring. Not to be found in sensationalistic garden centers ,florist's and cable TV..........



the quest for plants to change our lives)).
ISBN 0 7112 2265 7


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