Sunday, March 20, 2005

Frida Kahlo's Tree.

Originally uploaded by andrewstenning.

'Frida Kahlo's Tree'

An insignificant germination-
stretches it's trunk.
A White Lily pushes it 'uppish'

It need's to prosper-
The braggadocio's White affliction which unfurl's obscene,-Tarty for a month or so,
'A snatch in the kitchen'

Many more years absent,
Pattern's of era and breeding.
The trunk cracks above & beneath!.

Root's feed on Red Iron Oxide, Synthetic color Indigo and Black rains of distortion, In murderous breath,

A theatrical image,
A detonation hit's sod,
Bungling into siesta.
A 'root and branch' misfortune.

Ingrained like concrete-persuasive,
Authorization of dexterity,-It grow's on with prediction.

The engender was a weed- Stared in face 'STOCK STILL'-
Diplomatic it strained-with date,.

Innovation concocted the wise tree.
Calamity unquenchable by striking husk, A bravura, a cathedral,-As much!.

Photography and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.


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