Friday, March 18, 2005


Originally uploaded by andrewstenning.

The rampart's have ceased to be'
Sackcloth & Ashes - all belligerent
and unconnected.

TEPID, blood pump's up,
'City of Haarlem, Dutch Master, Knap Hill Scarlet.
Natures juice in stems.

They conclude vicissitudes in silent-voice,-mooching around the melodies of the mind, The boomerang BUD is cocaine, Yorkshire tea and toast.

Injected into every branch like a composed bacteria, The stillness, the smells and noises, raffish as they gain speed.

A reognition of poppy fields- where the oil paintings grow, Tree's of intelligence unfastened- receptive to our need's. SPITTING OXYGEN, leaves and stuff,-but still we don't heed.

The VOICE of bloom is Savoir-Faire, A narcotic candy-floss 'STILL'.
The varacity- hard to compare,
THe DEtox from winter's detention,
This earthy hedonistic deliverance-

-A reincarnation,a pill.

photographs and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.


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