Thursday, March 17, 2005


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I'm heuristic about furry goblin midgets,
In the supernova they accelerate from the academy--
HoneyBeeCity- the golden ratio the pattern of hexa like PI,the Pyramids.

1 ,1 , 2 , 3, 5, 8.
and the Babylonian stela.

They habitue to balmy bloom in Spring, back to government and head of state, astrophysical in their ways,in all four seasons BUT just one day.

A HoneyBee can vibrate the Milkyway, speaking the lingo of dark energy, too ornate for us to heed, The Furry Goblin Midgets WHISPER about spoiled way's and fairy day's.


Not the most complex phenomena made of gain, NO hundred billion nerve cells, or a hundred trillion interconnections in it's brain.
But the scheme is transcendent and unfolding, Herculean like daybreak, the emotional BEE has no fault zone and does not crash into wall's

from Ted Hughes.
"The Honey Bee
Brilliant as Einsteins idea-
can't be taught a thing.
Like the sun, she's on course


Yellow and sticky-
sweet, fragrant oil, TOXINS and vicious
from intellect is the STING!-3 and a half pounds of extermination to capsize pulsation,- Hustled into a screen saver, and gone in the future like GUERNICA.
The Honey Bee is Kilimanjaro's visage but too commonplace to remember ?and the silence will BEE forever!.

photographs and text by Andrew Stenning


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