Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ingredient's (WATER)

wrens nest
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Crystal crashes along a path, hungry focus from the sea. The driver of nature runs like blood, Ecstasy and silken twine, grounded by it's speed.

Past Tulips it glides in trance,
The still shows reflection,
Over it spill's too high- emptiness is filled with inundation.

'Delicate and subtle'

Orange sunset - ancient and eternal rhythums 'FLAMING BURST'-intertwined in mind.

A microcosm little world, a violet that breaks a mountain.

andrew stenning 2005
photograph of a wrens nest from 2000 by me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


upside down snake head
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A labyrinthine imponderable, printed by machine.
'Complex ,random, order- Absolute.
The 'Carbon Angel's' incarate echo 'reverberates' in glass.

Entropy=(equinox)- universal form,
'Satellite and Helios,' spellbound designs, Beetlejuice ('chaotic solutions') are born.

Tidy-minded inner World, Day's whole and pure, quivered through a cochineal flame, SNAKES HEAD- a pattern, indivisible circles, enlivened geometry CAST!.

Chloroform 'Carbon Angles' drift-flimsy fresh, burning with ferric hypnotism-robust with day(s) and months of deiform navigation.

"Equilibrium Celestial"
"Agresively unremarkable"
A prophesy



'A darkened soul'-cloistered and hypnotic-a mechanical spell'...........

Comets relent with disdain,
under a bulky awning,cultured by duty,mesmerized in mourning.

Quarks intended in ether- Carmine bells fine tuned and pivotal.

Complex, random , order in the Sarcophagus a circle!.

poem and photography by Andrew Stenning 2005.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

'Gristly STARS'

Daisy 'stars'
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"We are made of star's"

Fanfare for the common man, leap resplendent into persistence..........
A primordial chaotic void of nuclei, soothsayers and atoms- The origins of existence'-CHAO'S-


The platoon 'Jolly Weave' a ride of the Valkyries- Whisper along with Qauntums 'HISS'-electromagnetism our Achilles list, Stars the axiom to which we exist - SIMPLICITY,-CHAO'S-..........


Expressive clusters on sinewy land ,Birth rapid and violent, 'A display of constellation!,
Supernova's "THUMP, BOB, BOUND and KICK"- borderline endurance, A bird, an egg ,............a nest- add to natures wedge and web.

"We are made of STARS"..

Photographs and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Frida Kahlo's Tree.

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'Frida Kahlo's Tree'

An insignificant germination-
stretches it's trunk.
A White Lily pushes it 'uppish'

It need's to prosper-
The braggadocio's White affliction which unfurl's obscene,-Tarty for a month or so,
'A snatch in the kitchen'

Many more years absent,
Pattern's of era and breeding.
The trunk cracks above & beneath!.

Root's feed on Red Iron Oxide, Synthetic color Indigo and Black rains of distortion, In murderous breath,

A theatrical image,
A detonation hit's sod,
Bungling into siesta.
A 'root and branch' misfortune.

Ingrained like concrete-persuasive,
Authorization of dexterity,-It grow's on with prediction.

The engender was a weed- Stared in face 'STOCK STILL'-
Diplomatic it strained-with date,.

Innovation concocted the wise tree.
Calamity unquenchable by striking husk, A bravura, a cathedral,-As much!.

Photography and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


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Red flower's in Spring,
cast in negative.


Bloodless, longing for completeness.


Colder Darker Matter,
-The voluptuousness of austerity.

red flower's in Spring-unexhausted by acquisitive society.quite-

A cARpet of blood.-made in haematite-casting on memories-'inhabited spaces'.

RED FLOWER'S of Spring.

in negative-a ghost.

photography and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.

Untitled 1965-(a garden for Mark Rothko)

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The ravishingly beautiful garden of nineteen sixty five.

A crucial sacred announcement- inventing spaces for the magic eye.

But we will never fathom piercing points, Spherical-pulpitations-and such, Bromide explosions with clandestine undertones - FLAME at a touch.

The color-field diametric
Obstacles with commentary-
illuminate the patch.

The Orange of a Berberis,
Curtailment is what we lack!.
Withdraw into happiness 'THE GARDEN'-a restorative act.

Automatism is natures utensil-On the topsy-turvy sward.
Wholesome but noxious-(EUPHORIC)!
-for us it's just reward.

Milksop & weep before the Earth-!
It's not juvenile in thought'
Justifiable maturity involvement-brings, With immortal thirsty thrall.

Ethereal emotion always misunderstood, -YELLOW leads to ORANGE to BLACK, A sense of mystery it's countenance divine.


Essentially seeking transcendent might.
And the knowledge,
Simply melted, into a perfect light-a prodigious amalamation covering the mind,- that is in the garden 'Untitled nineteen sixty five.

for Mark Rothko.
photography and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.

Friday, March 18, 2005


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The rampart's have ceased to be'
Sackcloth & Ashes - all belligerent
and unconnected.

TEPID, blood pump's up,
'City of Haarlem, Dutch Master, Knap Hill Scarlet.
Natures juice in stems.

They conclude vicissitudes in silent-voice,-mooching around the melodies of the mind, The boomerang BUD is cocaine, Yorkshire tea and toast.

Injected into every branch like a composed bacteria, The stillness, the smells and noises, raffish as they gain speed.

A reognition of poppy fields- where the oil paintings grow, Tree's of intelligence unfastened- receptive to our need's. SPITTING OXYGEN, leaves and stuff,-but still we don't heed.

The VOICE of bloom is Savoir-Faire, A narcotic candy-floss 'STILL'.
The varacity- hard to compare,
THe DEtox from winter's detention,
This earthy hedonistic deliverance-

-A reincarnation,a pill.

photographs and text by Andrew Stenning 2005.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


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I'm heuristic about furry goblin midgets,
In the supernova they accelerate from the academy--
HoneyBeeCity- the golden ratio the pattern of hexa like PI,the Pyramids.

1 ,1 , 2 , 3, 5, 8.
and the Babylonian stela.

They habitue to balmy bloom in Spring, back to government and head of state, astrophysical in their ways,in all four seasons BUT just one day.

A HoneyBee can vibrate the Milkyway, speaking the lingo of dark energy, too ornate for us to heed, The Furry Goblin Midgets WHISPER about spoiled way's and fairy day's.


Not the most complex phenomena made of gain, NO hundred billion nerve cells, or a hundred trillion interconnections in it's brain.
But the scheme is transcendent and unfolding, Herculean like daybreak, the emotional BEE has no fault zone and does not crash into wall's

from Ted Hughes.
"The Honey Bee
Brilliant as Einsteins idea-
can't be taught a thing.
Like the sun, she's on course


Yellow and sticky-
sweet, fragrant oil, TOXINS and vicious
from intellect is the STING!-3 and a half pounds of extermination to capsize pulsation,- Hustled into a screen saver, and gone in the future like GUERNICA.
The Honey Bee is Kilimanjaro's visage but too commonplace to remember ?and the silence will BEE forever!.

photographs and text by Andrew Stenning

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


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The swagger of Spring has started, and the avalanche of pick 'n' mix is a supernatural lift. A carcass becomes something spiritual, and the sorcery and mania of nature is a thing to venerate in March.
You can get Brahms and Liszt just thinking about the plants, birds, sounds, colors, smells and textures at this time, and an appointment with the feral wilderness is like being an astronaut seeing the world from space. As a child i had an adversion to science fiction and my hypothesis grew from seeing Toads, Slugs, Frogspawn, the Devils coach horse and birds, the complex structures and their instincts are so weird, now i feel that the adrenalin culture and the impossibility's of life are paralysed by natures fitting's. Last week Spring started in my part of the World on a POLAR note !(March is alway's bipolar) But this got me a temporary neurotic encounter with a Nuthatch, THE STEALTH BOMBER of the natural world, for a split second we were homogeneous and i was looking into the deep voice of nature, this is my adrenalin culture!. Thinking about nest building and territorial adventure and a recognition that the natural world can OUT-STRIP Nasa , Microsoft or the Royal College of Art. We are, i think ?in danger of looking at it all through a bad pair of eyes and actually miss the point of the true wonderment and the sublime superiors that are all players in the burgeoning Spring. Not to be found in sensationalistic garden centers ,florist's and cable TV..........



the quest for plants to change our lives)).
ISBN 0 7112 2265 7


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Thursday, March 03, 2005


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