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Time to be bewitched, out in the sticks, it's zero hour and the etching is getting some spunk!. The new narrative is 'The Rites of Spring'- No more spurious hopes and starts!, I know from my antecedents and generics that saunter with me that the shameless 'rave-up'! the great escape , the holy grail, the nine and a half month pageantry that is creation is here ! I'm about to get some lifeblood along with my troupe.
The flora and fauna are mother earths abstract expressionists, in come Pollock,De Kooning and Rothko- sparking without a stumbling block.The 'rough sketch' becomes viscous and everything desired.
The soundtrack has changed with new amplification, the Woodpecker drills out his crazy beat 'pinging his ruler on the edge of a desk', This in turn is a call to the other birds, the blue tit's become castle-builders and more intrepid,they think i'm a GOBSHITE' as they commute from tree to tree, 'Look at him all secular and slovenly'! Birds can be so patronizing, but they have a good point.
You realy can get stoned on the SAPience and 'STING', this maybe a bit thrifty in February but it's what this represents that counts.
I am under the auspices of nature and it will take me many more years to get clued-up to her audit, and at this time she primes and revives me for the charge. Most important is to be a law-breaker to your books and clientele, but honourable to creation, as patronage WITH, and prompts FROM, are fruitfull and rhythmical, Also as a violater you can watch, learn and think!.(the only master gardener i know is a worm) and as his understudy the rudiments for now are raw and solid,(compost and cutting) the hard work obstructs the humbug in this opening and lynchpin of the season,
All i can say is get a job outside !,Indoor jobs are for politico's,lawyers and yobs,and the avant-gardening life is good for everyone! Give your primeval alter ego a titivate in the glorification of spring. THE HOLY GRAIL!!!!

"In wildness is preservation of the world"

Henry Thoreau.
walking and the wild, 1851

more clues!

Paul Nash
Landscape at Iden

Lucian Freud
Wasteground with houses

Michael Landy
Greater Plantain

Derek Jarman's garden at Prospect Cottage Dungeness


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Andrew--if you only knew how much I needed to read this!


February 7, 2005 at 11:08 AM  
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