Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bohemian Rhapsody

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above .HAZEL ,Corylus avellana
One of the first trees to recolonise in Britian after the last Ice Age.

It's a beautiful sunny late winter day, The worms are digging and the birds are 'ALL SYSTEMS GO', But their is a revolution in the air. The steadfastness of the 'silent spring' is to be paralysed by winter. A short interlude from Fahrenheit 212 and an identity crisis for Spring. But a chance for the gardener to do some daydreaming and time-wasting,(this is a very important part of my job)a Step BACK i call it,Interacting with nature thinking about it's creative imagination and eagerness at this time is my own version of BINGE-SHOPPING. Us anthropoids should do more of this. and we need a link to natures world away from a competitive commerce-driven culture which is SO unrealistic, and it's fantastic to see more and more people come round to the good life.This move is crucial for the future!, As we need a cosmopolitan, kindhearted and enthusiastic country-side, As nature is not futile it has a stimulating philanthropic culture with lots of wisdom to harvest for our own NONperformance. It is longing to attract the effervescent worlds of science, art and the highbrow. Sophisticated ethical surroundings is what nature give's us and WE, (i think) need to re-open the duologue between our own culture and natures. Every metropolitan should have an environmental citadel to learn in, i have put this to the grey wall of my local rule, so watch this space. And watch out servile rednecks and pugnacious wet's of Draconian Britian!,(the literati protectors are on their way),Time to 'HIT THE HAY'. In sweet reprisal windmills need fabricating in their fields, sunflower juice giving the muscle to their Range Rovers, and some imagination put into their single malt!.Thanks to Kyoto being added to the slow progression of the regime, this may happen, a slow creep out of the CUL-DE-SAC is all we can hope, but it's good to see LIGHTWATER and Earth up with capitalism and affairs of state.- and with any luck the Fabian society will take over the WACKO's at the countryside alliance and Monday group.(better out than in! and nature will win!)...

"Work like you don't need the money,
love like you've never been hurt,
dance like nobody's watching,
sing like nobody's listening.
and live like it's heaven on Earth,

i'll get my coat!...........


Blogger Ezio said...

Have you ever seen Asparagus this BIG
They grow up to 15in long and 2in wide.
planting asparagus

October 8, 2005 at 1:17 PM  

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