Monday, January 17, 2005


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Ladybird Coccinella 7.punctata

One in five of all living organisms on our planet is a beetle. the one above is one of 4.000 different species native to the UK. This 'Lilliputian' all terrain vehicle is scrutinizing a new landscape and fighting a war on 'Terra', One that would fit into the Kafka image of the creature,(The garden in January), A garden that is restricted in it's quota, and is 'hell for leather'metamorphosing into part of spring, This shift in the season is not only a danger to the ladybirds, plant seed production plummets in earlier flowering, and you don't have to be an ecologist to notice this big move and WHY? it is happening. This Spring or sort of, the UK is going to be doing some phenology (nature observation).
The BBC and the Woodland trust are going to hold the first ever televised seasonal event.- (a comprehensive study of the British spring). Bumble bees, frogspawn, ladybirds and plants are to be recorded to prove the point that the early spring is not a freak event but part of a new seasonal pattern, and at this rate of change many native species are to become design classics. We should have concern!, As small changes and destruction on the macro will lead to vast immovable transformations to our planet.


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