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The 'social clique' in gardening and design [the hoity-toity robots] exhume the hoplessly out of touch creations that are to inspire the future of the environment,
These buffons like the white collar sabre rattling govenments are A . to be ignored and B . have a good kick up the posteriour!. As a low wage earner 'au naturel' the porcelain oxygen tent i am custodian to needs an ambulance not an obscure space pod or obedient planting scheme. These anti social spaces do nothing but nourish the designers fragile ego!. It was very sad this week to here many of the UK's public parks are under threat, because the park keepers can't keep up in our society for low pay, the same is true for me. Parks and gardens should be in the same melting pot as hospitals ,schools, the space race and urban sprawl!. As these are going to be some of the few places where nature will survive.Plans are in place to help us all ,600'000 double glazed, gas heated boxes with a 3*6 feet garden covered in wood chip! (this would make me very ill and i find it highly patronizing).i would lose my ID!. Sorry to sound a peddler of doom, But why design in such an anti social way?.
I do however feel a bit positive about the future and think out of desperation a renaissance is about to happen,( the ambulance is late , but it's on the way!) As a species we have been interrupted, miscast and disaffected, some still don't GET the point of gardens and green spaces, they don't know what it's like to be one of natures millionaires, How the environment in it's clandestine way can inspire, have an effect on society that can make your jaw drop!. The landscape is not just about aesthetics, you gain personal strength in your mind, well being and a good understanding of your place on the planet.It's something highly important to everyone and a cure for today.
It is exciting to see architects and new thinkers with the same vision, As i have said in the past the earthships are a good indicator to the future,(link earthship on right) Also the designer Wayne Hemingway is a forward thinker, in a respose to this housing crisis he is creating environmental quirky visions of the future, which are inspired by his childhood memories of a vanishing community spirit. The future is here and we have to use it.We must be part of the nature like the animals we are and not anthropoidsaurian's! we will look and learn from nature as it will win!.

A good book to read.
Nature Cure
by Richard Mabey
ISBN 0701176016

A good thing to look at.

A good thing to buy.
Paphiopedilum (ladys slipper orchid)
Freudians will love this flower which is beond explanation.


Blogger asdfasdfasdf said...

Oh, so excellently put, Andrew! I'm huddled down in this winter subzero cold, planning for my own green space and hoping that others will be inspired to do the same. You might be interested in the Orchid show, Earthways Home and this because the Camellias are blooming! Cheers for now--

January 24, 2005 at 9:18 PM  
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