Wednesday, December 29, 2004

winter dec 04

Little can be said this week without deep thoughts and feelings, and the winter garden is a symbolic instrumentation of our own impermanence.

The aesthetics of life mean nothing without great pain and the ‘unworldly’ experience we have had will make us look at the bounty more.

Spring and summer is laser like and I am criminal of letting it slip buckshee!, As I said in the introduction (winter garden) This is the rough sketch and like the one of an artist nature will build on hers with many layers all of which should not be unconcerned.

The transcendental beauty of winter is vivacious and a fraternization with the season is a must.

With thoughts interwoven and etched comprehension is hard to grasp, we are all under the apprenticeship of our planet and this ecocathedral gives us a Hellebore a Snowdrop and others all of which are price-less fragile daily introductions and conciliatory.

My thoughts are non theological and I am lucky to ruminate and be angry in the frost, doubtlessly everyone has a way to take in what has happened and if any good is to come from this maybe it’s a pow-wow for us all, and an injection of homo sapien-ism in 2005.

To Hedley glad you are OK!.

Photographs and text copyright 2004 andrew stenning


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