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PULP (PalP) n. 1. soft, moist, vegetable or animal mater 2. flesh of fruit 3. any soggy mass –vt. 4.reduce to pulp

Diary 22nd-28th November.

‘The newspaper situation’

I noticed last years leaf mould did not get enough water, As I cleared the heap ready for Autumn’s onslaught only the top was the humus-rich black gold. This is one of the problems of a dry Autumn, leaves need water to rot and some more than others, Tough leaves are the oak, horse chestnut and sycamore I always like to try and get these up with the lawnmower so they get well shredded before they go into the leaf mould heap, this has the added benefit of grass cuttings in the mix which makes a much richer leaf mould. I try and recycle all leaves so the even tougher ones like holly and laurel have to be shredded and these go on the compost and not the leaf mould heap. The best leaf mould is made from Oak and Hornbeam shredded with grass cuttings it’s also so much easier for clearing leaves if you can get the mower on the lawn, which has been sort of ‘ok’ to do this year because it’s been so dry. Not wanting to end up with a pile of year old dry leaves next year I have added something else to the mix, ‘paper pulp! I have done this with compost in the past and it works well with the Telegraph on the right hand side and the Guardian on the left, (I have a very open minded heap!). I have never used this compost in the vegetable garden first because I use manure, and second the concern that some newsprint contains Hydrocarbons,toluene,naphthalene and other benzene’s that may be harmful if accumulated in the food chain. The paper pulp was added to my heap after each clear up of leaves about twice a week and is liberally wet and thrown over the top, I will have to wait a year to find out the results but as with everything I do it’s trial and error and can’t do any wrong as the water in the pulp will help a lot. One thing for sure is colour glossies are no good at all, They will have to continue their purpose in life, which is to clutter up the house and give the recycling men back ache!

“Newspaper has personality and personality goes along way”!

Last year I made pots for sweet peas, these where long and thin contained in an old wooden box the roots grew deep and strong through the paper and I had the best sweet peas ever and the pots were free and better than root trainers, sweet pea hate root disturbance so the paper pots are idea and well worth a go. I sowed the seed around this time and kept them in a cold frame with a black bag on top until they started popping up,
Paper is also fantastic for cleaning windows!

Points to note
Last week I noticed the strange early flowering that has been going on, So far I have seen a rhododendron in full flower, daffodils up about five inches and crocus’s starting to poke out of the grass, I have heard that snowdrops are out too. If you no or have heard of anything that is up and about that shouldn’t please e-mail me.

I love the colour black in the garden so for spring I have planted the tulip ‘Queen of the night’ by the dozen, We visited a farm shop last week and all the tulips are on the cheap now and as I have said before you can plant them up to January.

Buy some lily of the valley rhizomes for planting indoors; you can force these into growth buy covering with a black sack. When they start to come up put them in a cold frame! Have a look how much a florist charges for these in spring. You will be glad you grew your own! If you have been forcing hyacinths they should be coming up, bring these into warmer conditions for seasonal flowering.

The site

Two new links have been added to the blogroll on the right. (Links)

1. Gardener’s question time at BBC radio 4 highly recommended. A radio program I have listened to for years, very funny, you can click on this link to listen. Also the best gardening website on www.

2. Fair Trade- make trade fair. With the ‘C’ word coming up next month a fantastic place to buy gifts, An important ‘C’ this year with everything going on as it is .So this site is maybe worth a good look at.

3. This is the last time I mention the ‘c’ word.

4. For gardeners in the UK here is a quote from HRH Charlie

“For good vegetables you must talk to them”

Observer 1986.

Photographs and text copyright 2004 andrew stenning


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