Saturday, November 27, 2004


No Distance Left to Run (Fibonacci) 28th nov-04th dec.

‘God does not play dice’




‘Any physical theory is always provisional, in the sense that it is only a

-Stephen W. Hawking

Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa introduced a number sequence in 1202, the series is simply the result of adding the previous two numbers, and a sequence is repetitively found in nature.

Many flowers have the Fibonacci sequence with their petal numbers, the spiral development on leaves, seed heads, pine-cones ect ect…………….all point to this. The reason plants develop this is due to the way cells divide in the early stages of development, It always gets me thinking and I find it weird that mathematics can help us to understand the morality that underpin the workings of the universe.
1.6180339877 or phi [the golden ratio] designed the pyramids and the Babylonian stela, and this number appears further down in the Fibonacci sequence The golden ratio in the form of a logarithmic spiral appears in the sunflower and in galaxies, works of art music and poetry, It’s a proportion that is natural, it is the lot,
The link of this with our origins our culture and our future are massive! The simple 1,1,2,3,5,8 and so on are becoming impoverished every day slowly suffocating by our ravenous consumption, our planet is becoming less diverse, and we are designing ways of recreating simple natural codes improvising for our own gains, Agro-business establish mono-crop fields that lead to extinction of species, not allowing a continuation of Fibonacci will not lead to phi, and golden ratio we will flout at great cost.
The Christmas just gone was going to have great significance on the theory of Fibonaccio a nine note tune was to be played back to earth from the surface of Mars as a caution of our coming of age, The failed Beagle 2 space lander was imagination at its highest. Colin Pillinger was to open the holy grail of science (The future starts when we find life on mars) and remind us of our basic tenuous existence. Pillinger christened his craft after Darwin’s and he like the ocean going heroes of the past knows the returns are infinite and that we are jammed if we dissolve our obvious ties to nature and the universe. To see number sequence in nature is as important as ‘life as we know it’, and to think that after the creation of our planet other sequences where formed is incredible. I don’t know if the cyclical nature of a garden represents that of the universe, all I do know is we are going in the right direction to find out!.

Photographs and text copyright 2004 andrew stenning


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