Sunday, October 03, 2004

Oct 3rd-Oct 10th 04.

Plant to look out for this week are, Nerine bowdenii, Physalis alkekengi, Acers, Kaffir lilys, Amelanchier lamarckii and Rose hips, also if you are visiting a nursery or ordering plants make sure you add these to a list, Lilum ‘casa blanca’ of all the Oriental hybrid lilies this is classic perfection both in scent and looks. And buy a Hamamelis if you have room in your boot my favourite is ‘Arnold primise’ which has fantastic scented yellow flowers on bare branches, They may be cheap to buy now as they are not in flower, but this is the perfect time to plant them for a much needed kick in January.

Leaf mould
A very valuable soil conditioner is leaf mould, I am now turning last years onto the garden, collect all this years leaves and contain them in a simple chicken wire and stake storage unit. This time next year they will have metamorphoses into a sweet smelling black topping for your boarders, which the plants and wildlife will love.

The best time of the month to do work on the lawn such as seeding and more importantly aerating with a wet winter sure to come the grass will really love this extra air and drainage. If you are seeding a good tip is to do it now! and cover the seeded area with plastic the seed will be up in 8 days I promise.

Do not be tempted to cut back and tidy up perennials on the decline, over the winter these skeletons of plants are a valuable commodity to birds, This doesn’t do a lot to discourage diseases in the garden but with bird populations on the slid this is a sacrifice worth taking.

Photographs and text copyright 2004 andrew stenning


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