Tuesday, October 12, 2004

17th-24th Oct DIARY

The week ahead for Oct 17th-Oct 24th, 2004

‘You’ve been so busy lately that you haven’t found the time, to open up your mind and watch the world spinning gently out of time’.
--Damon Albarn & Alex James.

Population is soaring and resources are finite, 52.000 young people are homeless in the UK, We are all sleepwalking into a dangerous future, Urbanisation is not a bad thing it creates hot beds for science art and culture, however it is a grave misjudgement on behalf of current thought to pack in developments that are expensive soulless and aesthetically disgusting. The opportunities we have now to create harmonious environments are better than ever in world history. Cheap housing projects are not a capitalist ideal because they put the power into other peoples pockets, what has this got to do with gardening [A lot]. For some time I have been researching a building scheme from the USA called earth ships, these are built from recycled materials and look fantastic, they need no heating and communities are encouraged to assign green spaces for sowing and growing.[look them up on the net].

Every time I work in new building estates it depresses me I have a blank visceral sensation, looking round there are no people compost heaps or taste, They appear to be an experiment in cloning, I always see gardens as optimistic things and should be developed with future generations in mind as they are of great importance to our culture. Nature is a fragile and very important thing that has designed our lives as it should be not how it is becoming.

Things to look out for this week
Earth ships
Hydrangea (the decaying flowers are stunning and worth keeping for Christmas decorations)
Laburnum splashing its neon glow in the garden
Seed heads of poppies
English Yew the berries are great this year But Highly Toxic
Heuchera ‘Chocolate Ruffles’

Things to do
  • Buy and plant an apple tree called ‘John Standish’ it is becoming the ideal time to put in bare rooted plants, of which there is much more choice.and this one is an old English classic. Also pick any remaining fruit such as apples before they are damaged by frost.

  • Apply leaf mould to your boarders.

  • Cut roses down by half to reduce wind rock.

  • Put up bird boxes

  • Start planting out winter bedding and bulbs, I have planted tulips in December and they still come up the same.

  • Start to rake up fallen leaves to put in your leaf mould heap.Best not to leave this till they are all down a bit at a time is good.You could use a wire rake
    so you dethatch the grass at the same time Although this is bloody hard work.

    Narcissus ‘Cheerfulness’
    Also start on VIT C as colds are on their rounds!

    Also note this week is the best to clean out the greenhouse in preperation for the winter months, Get everything out on a wet but not too cold day and clean with jays fluid, leave doors and windows open over night and Put everything back the following day.

    a sight that stopped me in my tracks this week was the intense scarlet of an acer japonicum mixed with the bark of a silver birch, with such fiery contrasts around the leaf litter of acers and cherries are left on the grass.The new carpet beneath the trees is as alluring as any flower.

    Photographs and text copyright 2004 andrew stenning


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