Wednesday, September 29, 2004

OCTOBER GARDEN DIARY.1st-9th--Hues of Nature

This month we will see the hues of nature at their best; they are here for a very short time and a sort of obituary to the garden as it takes its downward spiral into winter. This gothic time gives us new feelings smells thoughts and ideas. And flashbacks of the past a very vivid seasonal time, For me it is the smell of apples and bonfires and my grandmothers jam making also a daily check of my pumpkins to see if it had got to the giant size as illustrated on the seed packet so I could show off at the school harvest festival.

As the days shorten it gives less time for all the months work and there is a lot! Also the richness of colour at this time makes us just want to sit down and look, as a full time gardener this luxury is limited to weekends (unless the clients go out), So week ends are wood and arboretum visiting times.

I am struck this year by the amount of fruits and berries in folk law this means a very cold winter so we shall see, The robin is more visible now perched under my feet as I give the boarders a leaf mould treat, I give the compost a mix up and ‘turn over’ now ready to cover it for the winter the heat inside this rotting stack is visible and steams away like a kettle. A great time to plant trees and shrubs the soil is warm and the roots take hold for the winter, also bulb planting time, I always plant bulbs in clumps of five or more one’s to plant now are Early summer bulbs such as Gladiolus (gladioli) I have always though of these being hideous but now have grown to love the plan colour types a grand one to try is Arabian Night.

Also a must to plant are the Alliums The allium gigantum has a massive head about six inches in diameter these look like a giant lollypop when they flower in June and July. Another elegant bulb to try is Fritillaria meleagris or snakes skin fritillary these work best naturalised in long grass and their chequered flower require a good close look. A narcissus I have tried to grow is ‘Poeticus’ or pheasants eye I remember the smell from my childhood as we had loads on the farm but so far have failed to recreate this so I will try again this year. There are to many tulips to many other fantastic bulbs to mention now so through out Octobers diary I will give a bulb of the week,


Blogger Erminio said...

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