Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New Garden to be created for Summer, 2005

Creating a harmonious naturalistic environment with a strong contemporary structure. Including a rubber cube to give the space conflict

Design idea and theory
The garden is formed of two elements, a natural space with plants and organic shapes that is warming and familiar and a cube made of rubber set in the natural idyll.

The cube is completely black and glows inside with a shocking pink neon light. These two elements will contrast and the box will look sinister and slightly spooky, The idea of the garden is to explore the themes of conflict, in our minds on a phychological level and in the broad sense.The pink neon inside is of unexpected beauty and using an effect with mirrors gives the effect of infinity, This subversion raises the thought of our future and its uncertainty contrasting greatly with the solid synthetic covering.The rubber cube has the appearence of a prison cell and the beauty within is trapped in this post apocalyptic silhouette.

Solrirolia soleirolii
Pineapple lily
Aeonium arboreum 'zwartkop'and grass.

final layout design drawings of the black box garden will be published here in november.

click onto diary for my weekly gardening page, plus new photos each month. Any gardening advice or questions welcome via my e mail


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